My main objective is to comment on topical environmental news issues and to write about issues that interest me. As an experienced Human Ecologist and researcher I have worked on a wide range of issues from the local to the international level. I hope too bring a holistic and interdisciplinary perspective to my writing as well as share with you my thoughts and experience.

Gary HaqI define Human Ecology as an academic discipline that deals with the relationship between humans, human societies, and their natural, social and created environments.

My opinion piece will always be based on evidence. I will provide links to key references which I have used to base my argument. I hate jargon so will try my best to explain any technical terms in a simple and clear way.

I intend to write a piece evey couple of weeks other commitments permitting.

You can subscribe by clicking the RSS logo on the left hand side at the top. This will allow you to view updates in your browser toolbar. If you agree/disagree with what I think then please leave a comment – it always good to hear from you.

You will also find more further about me, my publications and my intereaction with the media on this website.

Finally, the opinion expressed here is my own and does not represent the view of any organisation I am associated with or refer to.

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January 2009

3 thoughts on “Blog”

  1. I’ve been primarily studying ecology in nature but I am interested in the human side of it as well, so I look forward to your future posts.

  2. Dr. Haq,

    I read your 2009 postiing “Darwin, Deep Ecology, and the Bible.” Citing Darwin and Naess’s Deep Ecology perspective, you reiterate the Lynn White thesis that our anthropocentrism and use of nature as commodity is to be blamed on the Judeo-Christian religious tradition, and the Bible. Like White, you give religion far too much credit, but, although White forgot about Darwin, you have remembered but misunderstood him. His theory does not destroy anthropocentrism, it affirms it. May I refer you to the following paper:

    Penn, Dustin J. “The Evolutionary Roots of Our Environmental Problems: Toward a Darwinian Ecology.” Quarterly Review of Biology 78, no. 3 (September 2003): 275-301.

    Thank you for your time. If the above article does not suffice, I have other sources for you of you like.

    John Mustol

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